tokyo rocks. it just does.
welcome to neo tokyo
view from 42nd floor of park hyatt
buddha at kamakura
big buddha thongs
sake is served in big glasses, that overflow to the bowl below
izakaya - trad japanese restaurant/bar
darth vaders new headquarters
obligatory neon shot
graffiti rickshaw
home carstacker
plastic food - huge in japan
bikes not locked up - they are safe here
pumps on ceiling. neat.
shrine gardens
a prayer vending machine
shrine complete with cat
swords anyone?
beamers for kain
noriko & kasumi
cool architecture shinjuku
tokyo metro government building
tokyo metropolitan government buildings
view from hotel room
hotel room 2
shinjuku shopping
more shops
what the?
thank goodness for sat nav
hot dinners and icecream vending machines
produce of vending machine - pretty tasty too
weird dudes
neon lit night time
i finally found the legendary beer vending machines
cute restaurants
harajuku fashion
harajuku fashion 2
she’s serious
posing for cameras
love this shot
goth never went out here
note the suitcases - these kids live with their parents...
...and get changed at the train station
sign at harajuku station
giving marilyn manson a run for his money
giant sake barrels - offerings to the emperor
toilet with control panel for heat, jets and bidet settings
ema tablets for prayers
new york bar and grill - as featured in lost in translation film
new york bar and grill
and then I saw my first ever snow!!!