Shoji on his foxtel box
James contemplates his Guinness
got a nice new haircut
Ashley’s boat outside the parental retreat on bribie
my friend Kain can be quite transparent at times
johnsy smiling
Kain and Pascale pulling faces
The winning shot
johnsy profile
remember tabletop pacman?
game over
kains best men
The KrispyKreme Wedding Cake
Pascale, Hermione, Meg, Baz and Pete doing a 90210 pose
opera house posers
Nephew Declan discovers my MacBook
No, not that button!
henry the labradoodle
dog scared by toddler
efi summer picnic
dearest hermione
somewhere in melbourne
Sydney Opera House
Kasumi looking glam at her birthday party
the labs
My sister Kate after giving birth to twins
The twins now - Elise and Jacqueline
Mum and Ashley with twins
some bridge somewhere
pascale looking gorgeous with short hair
Sister Kate, Nephew Declan, Sister Matilda and Jessica, some years ago
Dad and Declan